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Dance Rising: NYC is an interconnected series of actions affirming the importance of professional dance in all of its forms, making dance visible in a re-opening landscape, and engaging with community stakeholders about partnership and possibility.  Dance Rising is a collective of dance artists and administrators who see clearly that the time is now to take action and take care of dance and the dance field of NYC.

This is our life’s work: NYC is the dance capital of our nation. Over 5,000 dance professionals of all sorts—performers, educators, choreographers, improvisers, studio owners, and theater employees-- engage in live, body-based, dance practices that often involve physical contact and group gatherings. This is our life’s work and our economic livelihood. 

YOUR SUPPORT will allow us to build forward, offering stipends to dancers and paying the artists who are working tirelessly to remind our city that Dance is a vital lifeline in the ecology of a re-emerging New York City.

ADVOCACY LEADER:  Gifts of $2,000+
RISING SUPPORT: Gifts of $1,000+
RISING FRIEND: Gifts of $500+
DANCE HELP: Gifts of $100+
ART SAVVY: Gifts of $10+