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Please Donate to our 2021 Youth Programs:

1. The Dance Bridge Workshop

March 30th-31st & August 16th-20th 2021

Dance Bridge Workshop was founded in 2017.  This low-cost program ($10 per day) provides a safe space for teen artists to use dance making as a tool for effective storytelling.  This 5-day program takes place twice a year during the NYC public school breaks (spring and summer). Our aim is to establish a community of young people who are continuously creating and learning the skills needed to speak their truth. 

We are fundraising for a 2-day virtual iteration of the program during the NYC Department of Education spring break and a live in-person workshop during summer break at Lehman College. Participants will practice daily rituals for self-care. Our dance making exercises are centered around the theme of healing. We will talk about simple systems that can ground and recharge our energy. Participants will also learn practical skills and methods that can equip them to choreograph their own dances. Each workshop day participants take dance classes with guest teaching artists. Past master classes include House, Bachata, Afrobeats, West African, Salsa, Modern Dance, Hip Hop, Vogue, Contemporary and Rumba. 

Click to learn more about the Dance Bridge Workshop!

2. Junior Company’s New Dance Piece

September 12th - November 14th 2021 

What is the Junior Company?  The REDi Dance Junior Company is a pre-professional company of Bronx-residing dance and theater artists, ages 13-19. As a member of the company, artists are given access to free training in Latin dance techniques, House and Modern dance. Artists are given opportunities to co-create and perform original choreography and text. Our work is social justice based. We explore identity, liberation, self-care and healing practices. Our aim is to empower black and brown teens by providing avenues for them to exercise their creativity as artists and as active members of their community.

We are raising funds for a 3-month rehearsal process with the eight teen artists of our Junior Company. The company will produce a completed work (15-30 minutes in length). Youth will be building on a dance they started in September 2020.  Click HERE to see the dance. 

We feel confident in providing a stellar virtual experience for young people. In this time we have successfully created virtual programs for teen artists and have gained insight on how to improve and enhance the experience going forward. If we are unable to gather and create in person due to COVID-19 we are prepared for more remote learning experiences. 

Click for more information on the Junior Company!

What We Need: Our Goal $11,000

PROJECT EXPENSES: March - November 2021

Artistic Direction and Management:  $7,225 

Our director and program manager will spearhead the administrative components of both programs. 

Teaching Artists: $1,275 

Cost for guest Teaching Artists. Past Teaching Artists include Ana Rokafella Garcia, Slim Xtravaganza, Candace Tabbs, Beatrice Capote, Leah Tubbs, Madelyn Sher, Roberto Parris, Dorren Smith, Raymond Falcon, and Marcel March.   

Project Staff: $2,000 

Cost for two Junior Co. rehearsal staff and two Dance Bridge Workshop staff. These individuals help facilitate the workshop or rehearsal experience and are present in the space during all program hours.

Materials/Supplies: $500 

Includes prints, craft/set materials,  and journals for Junior Company.

We appreciate your contribution!

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