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Maud met and worked with with composer Sir Richard Rodney Bennett in 2012, teaming with him for his last performance at the long-running Midtown Jazz at Midday concert series at Saint Peter’s in Manhattan. Her interest in his compositions has since flowered, and at the 2017 Chicago Cabaret Convention she performed "Soliloquy", a song-cycle he wrote in 1966 with playwright Julian Mitchell. The Chicago Tribune's Howard Reich called it "the dramatic centerpiece of the night. Hixson stood out as the biggest revelation at the Chicago Cabaret Convention". It is just one of many undersung jewels in a catalog of music from a composer so prolific and catholic in his tastes that Simon Callow called him "the most complete musician of our time." Among his collaborators are Franklin Underwood, Charles Hart and Johnny Mandel.

Maud has been working from Richard's original manuscripts in the course of her research, and her efforts to bring Richard's many facets of songwriting together in one recording is something that has not been done before. Her budget provides for musician and technician salaries, recording studio time, manufacturing and licensing, photography and graphic design. Upon release of this recording, she will tour this music in concert and cabaret venues around the country, as well as in the composer’s home country of England. Maud considers this project the perfect way to put Sir Richard Rodney Bennett’s songwriting gifts into a current and genre-free context that will reach multitudes of new listeners.

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Demo recording of Bennett and Franklin Underwood's "Early To Bed", written for Blossom Dearie. Guitar: Kent Saunders; Bass: Keith Boyles; Drums: Mac Santiago; Saxophone: Dave Karr. Producer: Steve Marko; Engineer: Steve Kaul. Recorded at Wild Sound Studio, Minneapolis, Minnesota.