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Thank you for your interest in Rights Here: transforming the way we build cities, from the ground up.

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Why the Rights Here Project?

Construction in New York City is booming. Yet the city is also in the midst of an affordability crisis - with 65,000 people homeless each night. It faces the growing risk of rising sea levels and storms from climate change. And many construction companies are increasingly cutting corners on workers' rights.

In 2019 Rights Here will travel district-by-district through New York City sharing the stories of people who are transforming the way that we build, from the ground up. The project will start in Council District 51 in Staten Island and end in the Financial District in Manhattan. You will hear from organizers of immigrant day laborers, women forging their careers in construction, green infrastructure architects, and affordable housing activists. These stories will help build new connections and shared strategies to start shifting the real estate and construction industries in the right direction. 

With a population already at almost nine million, decisions about what gets built, where, how, and for whom are going to make or break our ability to combat economic and racial inequality, and climate change.