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I’m a movement-based artist and writer taking on the world through a curious lens. I’m no stranger to swirling on the edge of impossible, swimming in the sea of the minority. A 2017 Bessie Award recipient for Outstanding Performance with The Skeleton Architecture, I’ve presented work throughout New York City (Dixon Place, New York Live Arts, Gibney Dance, Triskelion Arts, Danspace, Movement Research at Judson Church, Brooklyn Arts Exchange, WOW Cafe, Center for Performance Research, and Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance). I’ve received generous support from the Gibney Dance, New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks, Actors Fund Summer Push Grant, Dancing While Black Fellowship, and BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange. I’m a proud alumna of EmergeNYC for activist performance, and have performed with/for sheros Sydnie L. Mosley, Paloma McGregor, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Coco Karol, and Dancenoise. When not dancing, I enjoy writing about dance. I'm a contributing writer for The Dance Enthusiast, Dance Magazine, and my personal blog On the Scene With Lanie Reene. Currently, I am a co-host of The Dance Union podcast, a Movement Research Artist in Residence, and 2018 Bogliasco Fellow.  As a southern belle New York transplant, I'm happy to leave spaces drenched in racist rhetoric, but will gladly keep biscuits, country ham, and collard greens. Stay tuned.

Artistic Statement
I’m a movement-based artist curating bodies in flux--putting on and peeling off external stories that seep from internal narratives. I’m a womanist, instigator, lover, sister, daughter. My work smells like delicious pomegranates and body sweat wrapped in fuzzy naked flesh and lacy garter belts. I conjure non-fiction fantasies and super woman truths. Let my work feed your mind and massage your focus. Consider what you see by confronting what you don’t see, and know I see you, seeing me, re-imagining how we see together. Together, activating molecules that resist erasing supple curves and fat thighs. Let us discover what connects our humanity and encourages our capacity for compassion. In a world of instant gratification, I’m curious about patience and wrestling with the uncomfortable. I wriggle in my Black female body, Southern belle Brooklynite consciousness, and hybrid dance aesthetic. I’m happy to leave spaces drenched in racist rhetoric and historical erasure, yet hold a special place for biscuits, country ham, and collard greens.


Sapphire is a time traveling golden goddess moving through moments that police and celebrate the essence and experience of Black women in the United States. Told through an Afro-futuristic lens, this non-linear narrative displays humanity canvassed in an evolving constellation of identity. It pulsates through the objectified, the dehumanized, the powerful, and the magical. Sapphire is a reflection to see you and see through you...a vessel of celestial intimacy, love, ferocity, grief, and audacity.