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Donations are processed by The Field, our fiscal sponsor.

They are a 501(c)3 organization that supports Migrants of the Mediterranean's Humanitarian Storytelling, its writing and historical documentation of the migrant flow in the Central Mediterranean.


What is a fiscal sponsor?

A fiscal sponsor is a non-profit organization that hosts new charitable and not-for-profit
initiatives in the reception and tax documentation of the donations that keep them going.

Who is The Field?

The Field is one of these sponsoring organizations, who specializes in
support for writing and the arts. 

Why fiscal sponsorship?

For new organizations like MotM, the cost of functioning independently of a fiscal sponsor
is administratively and financially prohibitive, making our fit with a fiscal sponsor like The
Field perfect. Through them, you are able to receive a valid tax receipt for your generous
donation. We pay them a small fee for handling that for us, and rest goes toward the writing
and historical documentation of the important migrant journey stories, reunion stories and
essays you read on the site.

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Pamela Kerpius


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About Migrants of the Mediterranean

The Humanitarian Storytelling Organization.

Our mission is to see the trauma people have suffered on their
journey as a reality we see as our own. Only by understanding the
crisis of humanity before us are we equipped to address it.