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MyCarl is currently raising money for new a video project entitled Beckys Through History, a series of short, satirical videos about the intersection of feminism and race, which will be screened publically in NYC in November, 2018 and subsequently released online.  

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What is MyCarl?

MyCarl is the artistic collaboration between Eevin Hartsough and Kevin R. Free. The term ‘MyCarl’ was born when Kevin and Eevin (whose names rhyme) each realized that the other was partnered with a man named Carl (not the same man, because that would be weird. Well, not so much weird, but definitely inappropriate, especially for business partners). Anyway, when referring to their partners, Eevin and Kevin would always call them “MyCarl.” Like “well, My Carl loves our cats more than he loves me.” Like that. And the other would totally understand. They decided to name the company MyCarl because it's sweet, and it saves them from having to decide whose name is listed first.

MyCarl's Mission

Making art alone sucks. We believe that when the writing is finished, when the ideas are expressed, when the lofty concepts become unwieldy, only our communities can add flesh to our skeletal creations. It is with this spirit of community that we collaborate with artists of all stripes to leave a legacy of courageous, whimsical, gritty, bloody, intelligent work.

MyCarl History

Eevin & Kevin first worked together as part of the wildly prolific, avant-garde New York Neo-Futurists. They wrote a full-length play with Christopher Borg (His off-Broadway play) and Jeffrey Cranor (Welcome to Night Vale) called (Not) Just A Day Like Any Other, which won them a NY IT Award for Outstanding Ensemble. Their next collaboration was with Marta Rainer and Adam Smith called You are in an open field, which won no awards, but made Eevin & Kevin excited to make more work together. From there, they started brainstorming about what became their multiple award-winning Webseries, Gemma & The Bear!