I am New York City based singer songwriter raising funds for my new CD. Your contribution will help pay for recording time, musicians, producer photography and graphics. After the CD is made I will need to hire a radio promoter as well. If you made a contribution in the past, thank you so much! The last CD came out to great reviews and did well. I have a new batch of songs I would love to record. Thank you for all your support. It means the world to me! preordering the CD will get you behind the scenes access and much more  

All the best

$10 full album download

$20 I’ll send a signed CD and a full album download plus updates from the recording including pictures and videos

$50 I'll send a signed CD, full album download plus a handwritten thank you note.

$100. All of the above plus a handwritten lyric sheet of one of the new songs or a song of your choice plus your name in the liner notes.

$300. All of the above and I’ll record any song I’ve written just for you on my iPhone.

$700 or more All of the above and I’ll write a song just for you with your name and record an acoustic version.

$1000 All of the above plus I’ll play a live hr concert for you via IPhone FaceTime, Skype or or Facebook, or talk about songwriting for an hour.

$3000 All of the above and Associate producer credit and if you live in the Tristate area or nearby I’ll come and play a house concert for you.

$5000. All of the above Executive producer,  plus I’ll name my next cat after you.