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Sarah and Austin are currently working on a new evening-length commission for the Detroit Institute of the Arts in Rivera Court. The performance will be May 27th, 2016. Over the Summer/ Fall we finished our new Piece, "Etude." Upcoming performance dates will be announced on our website. 

Sarah Konner and Austin Selden have been creating dances together since 2007. Our creative work and friendship are intertwined and the dances we make stem from our history together. We like to work differently from what we’ve last done—to challenge ourselves in new ways and to do what makes us a little uncomfortable. Through our process, we learn about touch, sensitivities, verbal and non-verbal communication, and shared space between two people (mental, emotional, physical); both bodies present in the room together. We take turns. We use our process as life practice. Moving, writing, and talking are equally important as generative mediums. We source movement both from internal imagery (physical experience of the body) and externally—drawing from things we read or see, stories, and memories. We make dances to comment on our existence—a diary we are keeping of two individuals, our perspective in this current time/ culture/ community.

Sarah and Austin have shown their work at venues including Berskshire Fringe Festival, FLICfest 2013, Judson Church, Dance New Amsterdam, Triskelion Arts, AWARD Show! Philadelphia, the Kennedy Center, and through the Field Emerging Artist Residency in 2012. They have been lucky to collaborate with artists including AmyChavasseDance&Performance, the Median Movement, and Megan Kendzior. Sarah teaches Contact Improvisation and performs improvisation with Shura Baryshnikov, Elise Knudsen, Aaron Brandes and others. She holds a BFA in Dance and a BS in Environmental Science from the University of MI; and has training in Yoga, Pilates, and Body-Mind Centering®. Austin holds a BFA in Dance from the University of MI, and a certification in Pilates; he also teaches movement to preschoolers in Brooklyn.  He has worked with Shen Wei Dance Arts since 2011 and has recently collaborated with Anneke Hansen, Jordan Isadore, and Dai Jian.
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