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We need your support for our upcoming performances and for my new project!  We ask that you consider lending your financial support with the understanding that no donation is too small and all donations are tax-deductible for U.S. residents. 

I am choreographing and directing a video dance. The goal of the video is to showcase how New York City per se is a “melting pot”, where everybody can dance and through dance create a community. No body limitations, no dance styles restrictions, no gender or race or passport restrictions: Dance (just dance). In these difficult times, we are hoping to build a better world one dance at the time, showing how diversity is beauty, power and a “melting pot” community is a must.

I am collaborating with my brother Alberto Falco.
Alberto, is a composer and musician and myself, Bianca, I am a choreographer and dancer, songwriter. We have been collaborating a lot through the years, it's been a bliss to be able to work together. To make this more exciting, I am happy to share that the cinematographer/ editor will be our nephew Mattia, yeah, how much better can it get?
Now the hard part to share, Alberto just discovered that he has a cancer and as of today we wish to make this project happen asap, before he will be too debilitated from the treatment, making his collaboration difficult.

Alberto and Mattia are in Napoli, Italy and I am in NYC. The video will be shot in NYC at the end of October 2019.

We plan to fly Mattia to NYC thanks to your generous contributions!

Please, help the Falco brother, sister and nephew to unleash our creativity!

Bianca Falco is a dancer, choreographer, dance and Pilates teacher and musician born in Napoli, Italy. She speaks Italian, English and Spanish.
Bianca is a melting pot. She was a ballet soloist, a Butoh dancer, she danced for Murray Louis in Italy and came to NY on scholarship at the Nikolais and Louis dance Lab. Bianca was "adopted" by Ellen Stewart, La Mama E.T.C. There she was exposed to experimental and classical theater and created movement for actors and regular people. She was an aerial performer. Her long association with La MaMa includes choreography for several productions, "Intermezzo" (La MaMa Moves), "Apnea" (La MaMa NYC), and "Easy" (Spoleto Festival, Italy). Early 2000's I directed a dance company, NuVoLe DT. Bianca works as a choreographer and movement director for film, theater and video. The short film "ALEX", which won Best Fiction Film at the Directors Guild of America in 2011. In 2017 La MaMa E.T. C. produced her project “Terra dei Fuochi / Land of Fires”. The project was granted a residency by Chashama. Same year she was a teaching artist in India and was invited by Danny Tan' to dance in Singapore. In 2018 she toured Italy, performed at Performance is Alive (Art Basel) in Miami. Bianca is a part of The Modern Dance Awareness Society since almost two decades and will co-direct in September 2019, PassTresspass a dance-theater project in collaboration with refugees in Athens, Greece.


She is from Napoli, one of the most creative, and sometimes, challenging cities in the world. Through dance, she learned that she could transcend difficulties through translating it into modern dance. She hopes to lead everyone to a different perception, a different place, where limitations are beautiful and a key for people to get together and find solutions to social issues as well as personal ones.