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I wrote SUCH NICE SHOES because I was fed up and exhausted from the daily hustle. I kept asking myself, “When am I going to see the fruits of my labor? Is any of this *@#! worth it?!” What I learned from taking a step back was that we are all in this hustle together - from the Haves to the Have Nots and everyone in between. What we do and how we do it affects everyone, especially if how we treat each other is unjust. 

In this current state of flux, the notion that we’re in this together is even more evident than before. Most of the world is experiencing a shelter-in-place due to our new Covid-19 reality. On top of this new normal, many of us are also grieving and mourning the lives of our Black brothers and sisters dying at the hands of police, white supremacists, and deeply racist systems. We have grieved many times before but somehow the burden at this current juncture is...well...heavier. 

But when we pay attention we can help each other.

I hope that after you watch SUCH NICE SHOES that you feel a little more connected to all those in your community and that you pay attention. There are so many ways to help each other. I also ask that you give in whatever way you can. Like many artists and freelancers, our ways of making a living have completely ceased during this pandemic. Until we're able to have our theaters and TV/Film productions up and running again - many of us will struggle to make ends meet. So thank you, sincerely, for anything you can give. I will pay it forward. 

Enjoy, laugh, cry, and pay attention. Thank you for your support.