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RICK McKAY was an independent filmmaker, lecturer, writer and performer. We, the producers of his latest film, "Broadway: Beyond The Golden Age," which was close to completion at the time of Rick's death in early 2018, are passionately working to finish the film. It is our mission to get it released as soon as funding allows. As Rick's close friends, we are determined to complete the film according to Rick's own vision. "Broadway: Beyond The Golden Age" is a sequel to Rick's earlier work, the critically acclaimed "Broadway : The Golden Age" which won 17 film festivals and had  a long theatrical and television run. "Broadway: Beyond The Golden Age" covers the theatrical years 1959-1983 and like the original film has a cast of over 100 Broadway legends. Rick devoted the last 14 years of his life to this worthy project. We, his producers are comitted to honoring Rick's memory, hard work and the faith of all those who have helped him along the way by realizing his vision and completing his work. Your donation will help us in this endeavor by paying for the rights to very important archival footage, music and photos needed to support Rick's incredible in-depth interviews. We are asking all of Rick's friends, fans and admirers to help us bring this worthy project to fruition.

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