Fieldwork: Spring 2018 Open Trial Day

Registration Closed

Interested in showing works in progress? Looking for objective, artist-to-artist feedback?

Open Trial Day (OTD) is a one-time creative workshop that allows you to try The Field's signature methodology before signing up for the full 8-week Fieldwork session that follows. This low-cost, low-commitment opportunity will take place from 6:30 to 9pm Monday, March 19 at Theaterlab; with feedback facilitated by theatre artist James Scruggs. 

Both Fieldwork and OTD provide safe spaces where you can learn what your audience saw, felt, and heard in response to your works in progress. We welcome artists of all disciplines: Dancers, Choreographers, Composers, Playwrights, Multi-disciplinary Artists, Poets, and more! 

Do you want more than "Good job!" in response to your art? Sign up for Fieldwork OTD and come prepared to engage, listen and show bare-bones work!

Administrative notes