Creative Workshops

Artists need studio space, time, and peer support in order to thrive.

Our seasonal creative workshop, Fieldwork, provides these things and more! Fieldwork artists meet for 6 to 8 weeks to share works in progress and exchange non-directorial feedback led by experienced facilitators. Each season kicks off with an Open Trial Day: a one-time, low cost opportunity to try our unique methodology before signing up for the full program. Learn more about Fieldwork.

Not in New York but interested in Fieldwork? Check out our Field Network sites in the US and Europe.


  • Summer 2019 Fieldwork (July 1 to August 5) SOLD OUT Fieldwork offers artists the time and space to take risks, share works at any stage of their progress, get motivated by a weekly deadline, and to exchange peer-to-peer feedback guided by experienced facilitators. 


Creative Program Archive:

  • Fielday 2019 WiP Showcase We invited six artists of The Field to share 10-minute works in various stages of progress. Through dance, theatre, and standup comedy, these artists took us on a journey from rebirth to rehab, antifascism and the American dream, and service industries on both sides of the law.
  • Fielday 2018: Socially Engaged Black Panthers, rabbits, and polar bears - oh my! For the return of our classic live performance showcase, we asked artists to share short works demonstrating social engagement. Watch the Fielday 2018 trailer.
  • 30 Artists/30 Years Fielday A 30 year anniversary performing arts marathon featuring long-term Field friends Camille A Brown, the TEAM ensemble, Kyoung H. Park, and more.
  • Artward Bound A 10-day residency for artists to deepen their creative process.