Consultations with The Field Staff

Book a one-on-one session with our experts on Budgets, Grant Proposals, Individual Giving Campaigns, Community Engagement, or Self-Producing - or propose a topic of your own.

Hour-long consultations are $50 each ($35 for Members of The Field) and available by appointment. Email our team members below with a range of dates/times for availability. Interested in another topic related to your professional development? Email Program Associate Nancy Ahn at

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Clay Schudel 

Finance Manager at The Field
Pronouns: he/him

Email to schedule a consultation.

Understanding Budgets

Create a sound budget for your upcoming grant or for your whole year! Clay will give you tips and tools and answer your questions about budget preparation. Bring a budget you have already prepared and get one-on-one coaching on how to complete it - or learn the basics of creating a financial picture of your artistic work. A clear budget positions you for successful individual giving campaigns and is an important component of a competitive grant proposal. 

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Shawn René Graham

Deputy Director, Programs and Services, at The Field
Pronouns: she/her

Email to schedule a consultation.

Grant Proposals

Learn how to research large government and institutional grants and approach these prospective funders. Bring in a grant application to work on and learn what an effective proposal (LOI) could look like. Walk away with useful tools and key strategies for cultivating new funders and submitting competitive proposals. Shawn René will answer your questions and give you recommendations on how to navigate the granting world! 

Tips & Tools for Individual Giving

Artists who aren’t afraid of ‘NO’ are great at asking donors for support. Learn how to raise the funds you need - whether you are making an in-person ask, developing solicitation materials, or crowdfunding. You can raise money confidently and meet your goal. Shawn René will give you sound advice to get your campaign started on the right foot!

Strategies for Self Producing

Self-producing offers artists the opportunity to retain greater control over their work and essentially act as their own boss. It is a structure that puts a tremendous amount of freedom in the hands of artists, but with that freedom also comes a tremendous amount of additional work and responsibility. Shawn René can help you begin the planning process and assemble a basic strategy for getting your work out into the world!

Community Engagement

Wondering how to engage communities in and through your work in a thoughtful and inclusive way? Community engagement can take on many forms - from devised work to co-creation, but it doesn't always happen strategically or mindfully. Learn how to intentionally strategize for meaningful engagement across five key areas: Welcoming Spaces, Respectful Relationships, Business Models, Analysis for Improvement, and Relevant Programming.