Activate Equity 2017

The Field Activate Equity program: Saturday, January 28, 2017

Date/ Time: Saturday, January 28, 2017, 10am-4pm
Location: Gibney Dance Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center

Sliding Scale Tickets: In an effort to make this event financially accessible for everyone, The Field offered scaled ticket options. Participants chose the ticket option that best represented their ability to pay.

Begin your day with: A Call to Action!

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Our Keynote Speaker, writer/ performer/ educator Renée Watson, shared insights from her experience as an artist leading arts equity work.

Renée's most recent project - "i, too arts collective" - resides in the former home of Langston Hughes in Harlem.

Then: Strategies for Action!

Participants attended their choice of two workshops:

Workshop 1: JACK Be Nimble: Choosing Collaborative Governance for Organizational Agility and Radical Process 
JACK Co-Directors DeeArah Wright and Alec Duffy challenged us to consider radical notions of leadership and the restructuring of power. Leading by example, they shared their own process of moving JACK from an organization with a strong hierarchy to one that strongly values collaboration and accountability. 

Workshop 2: Art Power: Owning Our Capacity to Disrupt Racism
In this workshop, Rachel DeGuzman led us through an exploration of D.W. Griffith's 1915 blockbuster film, The Birth of a Nation, as a springboard to understand our individual and collective powers to inform culture. As we consider the ongoing challenges to achieve equity in the arts sector in NYC today, remember - we can make a difference! Together, in response to the film we asked: Through my work as an artist or culture worker, can I disrupt racism and foster more equity? What have I committed to? What will I commit to?

End your day with: Community!

fredo_0_0.pngThe goal of this Plenary Session was to lay the groundwork for a dynamic networking hour in which thoughts and ideas can begin to transform into action plans, concrete commitments and budding or continuing professional relationships.

Attendees were invited to come together to engage in extensive dialogue and interactive exercises that address the issues that matter most to them. Participants then self-selected specific activity stations geared towards “activating equity” collaboratively – to put their hearts, bodies and minds together in service of this endeavor. Facilitated by Wilfredo Hernandez.

Then, networking and free libations!

2017 Activate Equity Recap

Video by David Flores

This program was supported in part by:

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