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Cyndy A. Marion Theater Producer-Director-Playwright - White Horse Theater Company + Sponsored Artist with The Field

Name & Pronouns: Cyndy A. Marion, she/her/hers

What are you proud of? 
Being the Producing Artistic Director of a successful and thriving 16 year-old Off-Off Broadway company that has recently expanded our reach nationally and internationally from New York to LA to Toronto.

What inspires you? 
Telling brave, bold, stories that reveal human truths. As a director, I write plays that I would want to direct. Plays that I feel are challenging and exciting for both actors and directors to work on. I’m usually inspired by real-life stories that have a sense of mystery or intrigue. My first play, You Are Perfect, was inspired by the story of Manson follower Susan Atkins. My newest play, Broken Story (running at The Gene Frankel November 8-16), was inspired by the brutal murder of an LA novelist. I think all plays should have an element of suspense–it moves the story forward and keeps the audience engaged. I love plays that have an “ah-ha” moment. 

What are your goals?
To reach as many people as possible with Broken Story. Another goal is for the White Horse Theater Company to outlive me.

Do you have any advice for your fellow artists? 
Work to live. It does not matter how you make a living, as long as you have the time and money to make your art. Don’t be afraid to ask for money. I think artists today have to be entrepreneurs–meaning we have to find a means to an end–a way to support ourselves and the work.

How does The Field help you? 
Allows us to solicit and receive tax deductible donations. 

Broken Story by White Horse Theater promo photo by John Robert Hoffman. A grave-faced woman in the foreground, dressed in corporate black and white dress, faces straight ahead with one hand on hip. Behind her, against a black background, stand three additional figures, each staring off in different directions.CAVALIER - White Horse Theater promo photo 26 by John Robert Hoffman. A young-looking female figure sits at a coffee table wearing a frilly periwinkle dress. She appears to be angrily paging through a magazine while another female figure stands over her, wearing a hot-pink dress with bell sleeves and a matching feather hair ornament.CAVALIER - White Horse Theater promo photo 42 by John Robert Hoffman. A female figure, wearing a frilly periwinkle dress with a matching bow, sits while staring longingly and pawing at the chest of a standing male figure, wearing only a frieze of leaves around his head and crotch.White Horse Theater photo 2 by Ruth Albertyn Levan TK. A stage with two seated female figures at left and center, and one male figure standing at right, next to a toilet. Behind all three is a video projection of the male figure against a textured background.

Photos 1-3 by John Robert Hoffman. Photo 4 by Ruth Albertyn Levan TK. 

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