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Melanie Greene - Choreographer and Performer .Methods of Perception. Writer. Podcast Host. Program Associate with The Field.jpg

Name: Melanie Greene

What do you do?
Choreographer & Performer (Methods of Perception), Writer, Podcast Host

What inspires you?
I'm inspired by strength, power, love, and vulnerability. I create dance works to tell non-fiction fantasies and superwoman truths.

What are you proud of?
I'm proud of my perseverance. I receive a lot of no(s), but the yes(es) continue to shift my perspectives and career exponentially. Receiving one yes in a sea of no gives me strength. Recently, I've moved forward on two major projects that feel very risky. I'm in a very vulnerable space. Nonetheless, being overcome with fear and not pushing these projects forward never felt like an option. So, we will see! I have 6 grant/residency applications, a book proposal, and a desire for funding for an upcoming project out in the world. A couple of no(s) have trickled in, yet I remain hopeful that a yes is on the way.

What are your goals? 
My primary goal is to build a sustainable platform for my art-making through commissions, residencies, performances, panels, and writing. It's also my goal to advocate for artists to recognize their power and push against racist and inequitable practices that continue to prop up non-profit arts institutions.

Do you have any advice for your fellow artists? 
Drink plenty of water, there is work to do.

How does The Field help you?
The Field offers a centralized platform to support visibility, community, and fiscal sponsorship.

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Photo credits, L-R: Ian Douglas, Bogliasco Foundation (2), Larry Rosalez, Scott Shaw

All content ©Melanie Greene/Methods of Perception

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