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Meet Our Artists banner: NISHA PRADEEP dance artist, teacher, Sponsored Artist of The Field

Name: Nisha Pradeep

I am…
Director of Takajum LLC. Our mission is to create dance and drama productions using the principles of Classical art forms of India. Preserving the art forms and, at the same time, finding innovative ways to make it relevant and enjoyable to a diverse set of audiences.

What inspires you?
I am inspired most by the appreciation we get for works that we present. I have always believed that dance and music can break any barriers like language or ethnicity. When I see a very diverse set of audiences feel and understand our work, it makes my belief strong. An artistic work presented with the most sincere and true emotions will evoke the rasa (Sanskrit) or feelings in the audience. When someone tells me, “I cried watching the performance,” or, “it reminded me of those days,” I know I have made them feel something. The connection I make with my audience and the satisfaction I get from that drives me to better myself as an artist and a performer.

What are you proud of?
I am proud of the fact that I never let fame or money dilute my mission. My mission has been to preserve the art form I have learned from my teacher/Guru and find innovative ways to make it more enjoyable and understandable to all. Quality has always been my priority. It has had its downside because it slows my growth. But I am still proud that I did not compromise on quality and I stuck to my roots. My success is not defined by the money I make but by the impact my work has on the audience.

What are your goals?
I try to follow the path as it unfolds. But my ultimate wish is to become a good artist whose work is appreciated and remembered. I am a teacher and I wish that I inspire my students, too, to love and nurture the art form that I teach.

Do you have any advice for your fellow artists?
Don't be disheartened if something does not happen the way you envisioned. Sometimes things fail so you are reset and put on the right track. If you think like that, every failure will seem like a stepping stone to a brand new idea. And it will not be a failure anymore. Never define failure as "I did not achieve my goal," for a goal is just a dream until you reach it. But the path or phase you are in is what is real. Make the most of it. Listen to what that path is telling you.

How does The Field help you?
I have many projects and ideas and I was looking for a way to get sponsorship or grants. I am excited to have found The Field and hope to make my projects a reality through the many programs they have to support artists like me.

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Photos by Tom Paul Nettikadan Photography
© Nisha Pradeep / Takajum LLC

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