Nonprofit New York Membership

Members of The Field may enjoy a free Membership with Nonprofit New York. 

Nonprofit New York (formerly the Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York, or NPCC) helps nonprofits by giving them tools and information to evaluate and improve all aspects of their performance and fulfill their missions. Read more about this organization at

Members of The Field will be automatically enrolled as Nonprofit New York members, and are eligible for select benefits including: 

  • Up to 5 free postings for office space needed or available
  • Up to 5 free calls to the Nonprofit New York HelpLine with questions about nonprofit management
  • Free registration for 5 Nonprofit New York workshops a year (+reduced fee of $25 per subsequent workshop)
  • Free access to Nonprofit New York's newsletter
  • Free access to Nonprofit New York's Nonprofit Toolbox
  • Access to Nonprofit New York's group buying discounts on office supplies, subscriptions, and HR tools (except for Directors and Officers Insurance program, Retirement programs)

As a Member of The Field, you will be automatically enrolled as a Nonprofit New York Member. Nonprofit New York will send you an email with log-in information for their site, where you can access their library of Members-only content and learn more about the benefits above. You will also be enrolled in Nonprofit New York's e-communications, including their newsletter and e-blasts of issues relevant to the arts/nonprofit sector. If you wish to opt out of Nonprofit New York membership, email Click here for their privacy policy.

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The Field and Nonprofit New York are excited about this partnership and how it will bring specialized nonprofit management resources and tools to artists and arts organizations. We will continue to update our respective memberships throughout the year with opportunities to benefit from this partnership and in the professional development exchange.