Membership FAQs

All Membership benefits are aimed to provide artists with access to what they need the most: discounts, time, skills, and money. 

FAQs for All Members

FAQs for Fiscal Sponsorship

Benefits and Procedures for All Members

What kinds of discounts am I eligible for?

You are eligible to receive certain nonprofit rates and discounts, offered at the discretion of the vendor or service provider. To prove your affiliation with The Field, request a Nonprofit Affiliation Letter. (See below.)

How do I get a nonprofit affiliation letter?

Email and allow up to three business days for The Field to process your request. You will need to provide the name of the person to whom the letter should be addressed, company/venue/organization address, and the purpose (e.g. rehearsal space rental). Please note that Field Members are not exempt from paying NYS sales tax.

What are In-Kind Donations and how do I get a letter to acknowledge them?

In-Kind donations are goods contributed in place of money towards your creative and professional activities. In-kind donors are eligible for a tax-deduction on material items contributed to The Field Sponsored Artists. To request that a letter acknowledging the donation of goods, complete the In-Kind Donations form online (accessible from the Contributions tab on your Member Homepage), and The Field will send your donor a thank you letter for their tax purposes, typically within 30 days.

What Is Materials For The Arts and how do I sign up? 

Materials for the Arts (MFTA) helps arts organization and artists realize their visions by providing free donated materials to support their creative programs and productions. *Members are eligible to apply for access to MFTA using The Field as a fiscal sponsor. Acceptance as an MFTA member is dependent on the criteria set forth by the organization (you). Not all projects may qualify.

Register in 5 easy steps: 

  • Submit an online application at, click on Receive - Receive Materials, and then Become a Recipient. Enter your company name the following way: “ARTIST COMPANY – The Field.” Make sure you provide a phone number in case MFTA has questions about your application! 
  • Write a one-page letter that details your programming, mission statement and need for materials from MFTA. Address it to:
    Harriet Taub
    Materials for the Arts
    33-00 Northern Boulevard, 3rd Floor
    Long Island City, NY 11101
  • Collect resumes for all company members, as well as three different printed brochures, fliers/postcards, playbills or other documentation of your work. Mail all materials to MFTA.  
  • Email Natalie ( after you have completed the steps above. She will let MFTA know that you are a Field Member.
  • You will receive a contract from MFTA after they receive your package. Sign and return the contract.

The Field will provide MFTA with an affiliation letter to verify your eligibility each year. Your Field Membership must be up to date in order for you to renew with MFTA. Please contact us when you need to renew your MFTA account.

What is the TDF Costume Collection and how do I rent costumes?

NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the TDF Costume Collection Rental Program is closed until further notice.

The Theatre Development Fund (TDF) Costume Collection houses more than 85,000 professionally designed costumes and accessories. Anyone can rent from the Collection, but not-for-profit organizations receive a discount and a few added perks. Nonprofits can pull and rent costumes as early as 56 days before a production opens or begins previews. For nonprofit films or photo shoots, TDF counts back from the first shoot date. Members are eligible to apply for nonprofit access to the TDF Costume Collection for their projects using The Field as a fiscal sponsor. Acceptance is dependent on the criteria set forth by TDF. Not all projects may qualify.

To rent costumes:

  • Review the Terms and Conditions set forth by TDF.
  • Enter your rental request information via this form:
  • Allow up to four business days for The Field to process your rental request with the Costume Collection. You will be notified via email when we're done, and then TDF will follow up with you.
  • You will be responsible for dry cleaning all costumes and returning them within 10 days of the close of the production.

What benefits will I receive from Nonprofit New York and how do I enroll?

Nonprofit New York (formerly The Nonprofit Coordinating Committee of New York or NPCC) and the The Field have formed a partnership to bring their respective expertise to this professional development exchange and share and create programming for arts organizations and artists throughout New York City. The goal of this partnership is to provide arts organizations and artists with information about nonprofit management that helps them effectively run their businesses while producing their work. Together, Nonprofit New York and The Field will share and create events aimed at improving management practices of arts nonprofits. As a Field Member, you will get the benefits of membership, including:

  • Free registration for 5 Nonprofit New York workshops a year (and a reduced fee of $25 per workshop for each subsequent workshop)
  • Access to Nonprofit New York’s group buying discounts (except for Directors and Officers Insurance program and Retirement programs)
  • Up to 5 free postings for space needed or sought
  • Up to 5 free calls to Nonprofit New York’s HelpLine with questions about nonprofit management
  • Free access to Nonprofit New York’s e-newsletter
  • Free access to Nonprofit New York’s Nonprofit Toolbox

You will be automatically enrolled as a member of Nonprofit New York. Nonprofit New York will then send you an email with log-in information for their website where you can learn more about the benefits above and access their library of members-only content. You will also be enrolled in Nonprofit New York’s e-communications, including the e-newsletter, e-blasts of issues important to the nonprofit sector, and other communication. If you wish to opt out of membership with Nonprofit New York, please notify Natalie Marmol at To view Nonprofit New York’s privacy policy click here.

Where can I find insurance?

While The Field does not offer health or liability insurance, we can recommend some places to shop for these services. Please refer the Resources section on the Member homepage for updated listings.

How do I sign up for an Asian American Arts Alliance (AAAA) Membership and what benefits do I get? (new as of 3/15/21)

To sign up for AAAA, click here to create an account. Benefits include the opportunity to share and post your events on the events calendar and opportunities forum. Since 2009, the Alliance has brought together artists, arts workers, curators, producers, as well as professionals from nonprofits and other sectors, to share ideas, promote creative projects, learn about opportunities, and find collaborators. They host many events for artists in all disciplines, the cornerstone being seasonal Town Hall convenings. Town Hall is intended to nurture and catalyze the creative energy of this vibrant community by providing a regular, safe space for people to come together and be inspired.

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Benefits and Procedures for Fiscal Sponsorship  

How do I renew my Fiscal Sponsorship?

If you've been approved as a Sponsored Artist within the past three years, and if your discipline, company name, and/or primary contact info has not changed, you do not need to reapply. You can renew your fiscal sponsorship by logging back into your account, and scrolling to the bottom of the page where it says "Sponsorship Expired! Click here to renew!" Click the link to pay the annual fee online. 

If the above does not apply to you, you may need to submit a new application for fiscal sponsorship. Please follow the steps here.

Note: As of June 28, 2019; the terms of the Sponsored Artist Contract shall be extended upon renewed payment of the Artist’s sponsorship fee. By paying this fee, the Artist signifies that they accept the full benefits and terms of The Field’s Sponsored Artist Program as described on our website as of the payment date. Once we've processed your signed contract, you only need to re-submit it if there are any changes to your taxpayer ID or payment remittance information.

How do I edit my public profile page?

Click here to watch a video tutorial. (Note: This video is best viewed with a Safari or Chrome desktop browser. Some design elements of the site have changed since we made this video, but your account functions are the same.)

Why isn't my Sponsored Artist contribution page up on the site?

Both first-time and renewing Sponsored Artists must pay the fee and send in a signed Sponsored Artist Contract. Legally, neither you nor The Field can solicit or accept tax deductible donations on your behalf until you have signed this contract. View/download the contract here or on your Member Home Page. Send your signed contract (a scan or a photo of page 5 is fine) to - or mail it to The Field ATTN: Kirsten Michelle Schnittker, 75 Maiden Lane Rm 906, New York NY 10038. Your contribution page should be up within one business day of receipt.

How do I apply for grants? What is the procedure for grant review?

If you are Fiscally Sponsored you are eligible to apply for grants using The Field as your fiscal conduit.

Artists are required to prepare their grant applications on their own and submit to for review at least ten business days prior to the grant deadline. Applications should be submitted in a Word or Google Drive document. Submitting your proposal fewer than ten business days before the deadline requires a $50 rush fee. Late review is at the discretion of The Field, and a late submission may mean that we are unable to sponsor your grant.

Any materials you might need to apply, such as The Field’s endorsement letter or EIN/Tax ID number, will be provided to you after your application has been reviewed.

If you have any questions or would like advice about how to make your application stronger, we are happy to help with suggestions after reviewing your application. This is offered free of charge.

Note: Some funders do not accept fiscally sponsored applications.

What is the procedure for individual solicitation review?

All solicitation materials must also be reviewed. The Field makes every effort to provide you with FREE helpful tips to improve your materials. Fundraising letters, letters of inquiry, website donation pages, handbill program solicitations and special event invitations should be submitted in a Word document to Kirsten Michelle Schnittker at Please allow ten business days for the review process. All of your solicitation text must include the language about The Field below:

(You/Your Company) is a sponsored artist with The Performance Zone Inc (dba The Field), a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the performing arts community. Contributions to The Field earmarked for (You/Your Company) are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For more information about The Field, or for our national charities registration, contact: The Field, 75 Maiden Lane, Suite 906 New York, NY 10038, phone: 212-691-6969. A copy of our latest financial report may be obtained from The Field or from the Office of Attorney General, Charities Bureau, 120 Broadway, New York, NY 10271.

Note: Your Member Profile page is populated with this information, exactly as it should appear on any solicitation. 

How do I receive contributions through The Field?

Here’s how it works -- donors can donate by check or credit card to The Field on behalf of you, the Sponsored Artist.

To donate by check:

  • Make all checks payable to “The Field” only – there should be nothing else on the payable line.
  • Write Artist / Company / Project name in the memo line.
  • Donors should mail checks directly to you, the artist. (Include your address or a return envelope in your solicitation materials).

To donate by credit card:

  • Go to your Public Profile Page.
  • Click "Make a Contribution..." and follow the prompts. You will be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction; however, you do not need a PayPal account to pay by credit card.

How are checks & online donations processed?

Please have your individual donors send their contribution checks to your address. Once you have collected and copied them, enter the donor's information into the Check Entry page on the Contributions tab in your Member Home. Then mail or drop them off in batches at The Field's office, attention Clay Schudel. Please note that The Field cannot accept cash donations. If you forget to enter your checks online, or if you enter them inaccurately, there will be a delay in processing your checks.

Before you send your checks to The Field:

  • Is each donation check made payable to The Field? All checks that are not made out to “The Field” ONLY will be returned to the artist. You will need to send the check back to the donor and have them correct the error.
  • Is the check signed? Is there a date on the check (within six months)? Did the donor write in pencil or red ink? Please double-check your checks!
  • Is the donor's address included (and current) on checks for $250 or more? If it is not, please write it in. The Field will need the addresses of donors who contribute $250 or more to issue tax receipts. Without a tax receipt these donors may not be able to claim the deduction!

Funds will be turned around to you ten (10) business days after 1) the check arrives in our office or 2) the credit card purchase is made – this allows us time to be sure that the donor's check clears our bank and their bank. Due to the time needed to clear both banks, we are unable to make any exceptions to the two-week policy. Your funds will be disbursed via Automatic/Direct Deposit (if enrolled; see below) OR by mailed check. Should you wish to pick up your check, please include a "hold for pickup" note with every batch of donations.

Does The Field offer Automatic/Direct Deposit?

You do have the option of having your contributions automatically deposited into a bank account. Fill in the Authorization Agreement on your Member homepage and submit the completed form by mail to The Field (75 Maiden Ln., Suite 906, New York, NY 10038) OR email to Clay Schudel at Please allow 7 business days from the receipt of your form for your account to be set up. Once you sign up for direct deposit, you will no longer receive checks (or be able to request them) from The Field; however, the 10 business day processing policy still applies to all contributions. If your account information changes, you must fill out and submit a new form. If you wish to cancel automatic deposit, please be sure to contact Clay Schudel. 

Can I receive a stock contribution?

The Field can accept stock donations earmarked for Sponsored Artists. If your donor wants to give you a gift of stock, here's the information that your broker will need to complete this gift:

     Performance Zone Inc. D/B/A The Field
     DTC number: 0352
     Acct number: 74227310
     JPMorgan Chase Clearing Corporation: 3 MetroTech Center Brooklyn, NY 11245

To make sure that this gift is credited to you (and for the donor's tax acknowledgement letter), it's very important information that you or the donor contact Clay Schudel at with (1) the donor's name, (2) the donor's mailing address, (3) the name of the stock being donated, and (4) the name of artist receiving the donation. Once the stock is received by our broker Brent Jacobson (212-780-1901), it will be sold and the sale value of the stock (less any brokerage fee) will be entered on your Contribution page with a projected payout date just like all other contributions.

Where can I see all of my contribution details & view check status?

All of your contribution details including donor addresses are under the Contribution tab after you log in. You can see the date The Field received your donation checks and when the funds are scheduled to be sent out to you, as well as specific transaction fees.

Can I access my signed Sponsored Artist contract(s)?

Yes! While you should keep a personal copy of any contract you sign, we also upload a digital version to your account on after we receive it. To access your contract(s), sign in to your account and navigate to the "Account Info" tab on the Member Home Page. Click on the "Documents" button near the top right of the screen. From there, you can see and download PDFs of the signed portion of your Sponsored Artist contract(s), along with any grant award letters received by The Field as your fiscal sponsor. For security purposes, the social security or tax ID number provided will be hidden from view on these documents.

What are matching gifts and how are they processed? 

Donors may ask their employers for a Matching Gift Form. Donors will enter "The Performance Zone Inc DBA The Field" as the designated charity and may note on the form that the matching gift is designated for your Artist / Company Name. If it's a hard copy, donors mail it to you with their donation check. If it's an electronic form, please notify The Field; email Clay Schudel ( with the names of the employee and corporation. Matching gifts may not be received immediately. Each company adheres to their own processing and disbursement policy. 

What do I do If I am having a fundraising/benefit event?

If you plan to have a benefit, please read these instructions on how to proceed and then inform The Field in advance (i.e., before you sell any tickets). You are required to keep track of all monies received from your ticket sales in a donor spreadsheet. This information must be reported to The Field in order for us to process any benefit donations or tickets. (Here is a sample spreadsheet with columns of the required information.) As of September 1, 2014; no payments, either by credit card or check, will be released until we receive your completed donor spreadsheet as outlined in the instructions above.

How are donors and funders acknowledged? 

All Sponsored Artists are encouraged to thank their donors. As mandated by law, The Field will mail written letters to individual contributors who give $250 or more through The Field’s Sponsored Artist program. Contributors who give less than $250 can use their canceled check or credit card receipt for tax purposes. The Field will send acknowledgments to all corporate and government funders, as well foundations and matching gift providers. We also acknowledge individuals who contribute goods.  

When can my donors expect their tax receipts/acknowledgment letters? 

Sponsored Artist donation acknowledgement letters are mailed out from our office within the first 15 days of the month after they are received by The Field. For example, if we receive your donor's check or credit card payment on January 1; they can expect their letter postmarked on February 15 at the latest. You will be notified if we anticipate any delays or encounter any difficulties in issuing your donors' acknowledgment letters. Note: In order to ensure proper formatting and delivery of your donors' letters, please make sure to pay close attention when entering check donation information online.

What Else?

CUSTOM FUNDRAISING LINKS: As of July 9, 2019; Sponsored Artists can now customize links to their donation page with auto-populated amounts. If you're fiscally sponsored by The Field, you have a contribution page that links to a URL that looks like this:  https:/ /www(dot)thefield(dot)org/form/make-donation?sa=  immediately followed by a unique 6-digit code assigned to your account. Simply add the suffix  &amount=  immediately followed by a numeral of your choice (no spaces, commas, or other punctuation) to the end of that URL, and share it with your donors. They'll see your usual donation screen with an auto-populated amount, which they can always change.

In addition to removing one step from the donation process, potential uses for this new feature include online individual giving campaigns, setting up contribution levels for your donors (see our Engagement Circle page for examples), and facilitating benefit ticket sales. Remember, if your donors receive something (anything from a cocktail to a commemorative tote bag to gala tickets) in exchange for money, their donation is no longer 100% tax deductible and you must provide The Field with a donor spreadsheet so we can acknowledge their gift accordingly. See our FAQ, What do I do if I am having a fundraising benefit event?

TAXES: You or your company will receive a 1099-misc form if you raise more than $599 through The Field in a calendar year. When you sign a contract with us, we need either the artist’s social security number or a Federal Employment Identification number (used for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and non-profit corporations). Please contact the appropriate experts (tax accountants or the IRS) regarding how to file at tax time. Most artists do not pay additional taxes because they can deduct their art-related expenses from this 1099 income.
EXPENSE REPORTS: The Field will send you a simple form each year that asks you to account for any grant money and/or individual contributions that you have received during the previous calendar year. The report is required.
OTHER GOOD STUFF: Member News is our monthly newsletter of upcoming grant deadlines and opportunities for media and performing artists. Occasionally, Member News includes "The Field Tip," an article of advice written by Deputy Director, Shawn René Graham. You can find a list of archived articles on your Member Homepage! Throughout the year, free Member Toolbox workshops are offered on various topics, including Bookkeeping, Budgets, Grants, and Taxes. Dates and times appear in Member News and our regular e-blasts.

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