to fail and fail big:

square cover of "to fail and fail big" report, featuring a closeup photo of artist Miguel Gutierrez: a bare-chested Latinx man wearing streaky clown face makeup, appearing to be in the middle of removing a rainbow-striped vest.A Study of Mid-Career Artists, Success and Failure

The Field's 2013 publication featuring profiles of artists Okwui Okpokwalisi, David Herskovits, Young Jean Lee, Miguel Gutierrez, and Somi; plus recommendations on how to support risk-taking and disrupt privilege in the sector. Click here for the full e-book (PDF).

January 2019 UPDATE:

The end of 2018 marked five years since the launch of The Field’s to fail and fail big: A Study of Mid-Career Artists, Success and Failure.

We at The Field were curious, where are these artists now? What has changed? What has remained the same? We caught up with all five of them, and will roll out their updates - along with new content, sourced by individuals who currently identify as early-career artists - in a series celebrating the five-year anniversary of this groundbreaking publication.

Click here for to fail and fail big: 5 Years Later.

The original publication has been featured at numerous events including the Association of Performing Arts Professional 2014 Conference, the Alliance for Artists Communities 2013 National Conference, and Chamber Music America's First Tuesdays.

This study was funded by The New York Community Trust and the Booth Ferris Foundation.