Artward Bound

ARTWARD BOUND - currently closed.  
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Artward Bound is a 10-day residency for 10 generative performing artists.  Located in a beautiful, rural setting, Artward Bound gives artists the chance to create new work and deepen their creative process; participate in feedback workshops (Fieldwork) and engage in group strategizing sessions about professional development topics. Participants are selected by lottery. Please read the Guidelines for full eligibility and more information.

Artward Bound 2015 Guidelines

You can also see pictures and read quotes from Artward Bound 2015 at Earthdance here!

“I got an opportunity to gain new artistic eyes that will affect my work forever.” - Kristy Dodson
“This retreat has been incredibly helpful to my process, by creating a space for me to fully focus on my art, in amazingly calm and beautiful surroundings.” - Einy Aam
"I really enjoyed the camaraderie, the safety of showing completely raw new work and knowing that I was going to hear only comments that would help me to make it better. I enjoyed giving that to others as well."- Vienna Carroll

Former Artward Bound participants!
Mark Dendy, Chris Wells, Cynthia Hopkins, Sarah Dahnke, Kristy Dodson, Abigail Levine, Jason Schuler, Daniel Linehan, Kimberly Bartosik, Clare Byrne, Einy Aam, Onome Djere, Shandoah Goldman, Jil Guyon and more!
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This program is generously supported by the National Endowment for the Arts