30 Artists/ 30 Years Fielday

Thank you to everyone who made 30 Artists / 30 Years Fielday such a wonderful success. It was such a rich day of performance and we couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate our past 30 years and 30+ years to come. Elisabeth Streb, Jennifer Wright Cook & Camille A. Brown photographed by Ivan Forde
L-R: Elisabeth Streb, Jennifer Wright Cook & Camille A. Brown. Photo by Ivan Forde

On The Main Stage:
The Early Bird Show: Performers bios available here.
Public Forum: to fail and fail big: Stories Then and Now of Artists, Success and Failure
Forum speakers bios available here. 
The Prime Time Show: Performers bios available here.
The Late Night Show: Performers bios available here.

Throughout the day we also had free performances on the Petite StagePeformers bios available here.

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Public Forum:
to fail and fail big: Stories Then and Now of Artists, Success and Failure

Who lasts as an artist and who doesn’t? What are the stories of failure, success and learning? Inspired by The Field’s 2013 study, “to fail and fail big”, these questions, and the “how’s and why’s” underneath them, can build our individual and collective strength and resiliency.  Join The Field, with 30 years of survival under its belt, other seasoned artists, and some inspiring newcomers to hear stories of success and challenge, lessons learned, and strategies for action – prepare to share your own story and strategies too.

Moderated by Bryan Glover

With speakers: Catherine A. Green: Executive Director/Founder ARTs East New York Inc., Charles Rice-Gonzales:Executive Director Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Alexis Convento: Founder and producing director CURRENT SESSIONS, Joseph Shahadi: Executive Director The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival and Jennifer Wright Cook: Executive Director of The Field.

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