Field Network Reporting Form

Welcome Site Leaders and Facilitators.

Please use the form below to submit reporting information about your local Fieldwork Sessions. Note that in previous years reporting was done annually for a Network Site’s entire year of sessions; however, now we ask that you report on each session as it closes in order to better manage the information on an ongoing basis.  

​Collecting this data is critical for monitoring network activity and for the continuation of funding support that benefits the Field Network that we all value so much. Thank you for reporting and bringing Fieldwork to your community of artists!

If you have any questions please email the current Field Network Manager, Jen Mitas, at


Dance Studio, School, Library, or Gallery etc.
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Please tell us what kind of session this was.
If you selected Weekly or Bi-Weekly Sessions how many sessions did you have? If you selected Other please explain.
Please let us know how many hours each session was.
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*Primary Artists refers to artists who signed up for the session and presented work, - it does not include their collaborators or performers. 

Artists who performed for/with the primary artists who were enrolled, but not enrolled themselves.
Please format like this: Dance 25%, Theater 50%, Music 25%
(Based on race/gender/age/ability.)

Showing/ Work In Progress Showing

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*Payment amounts must be recorded as numbers.Include plain numerals only, do not insert $ symbols. If you did not receive payment or pay someone please answer the question with a "0".

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